FreeFlix HQ PRO 5.0


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🔻Freeflix HQ PRO 5.0 APK Download🔻



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Enjoy unlimited 1080p Movies and TV Shows on all of your devices


You can cast your Movies and TV Shows to the Big Screen with one click


You can download your show to watch them offline. You can download pause and resume download. You can also download multiple movie simultaneously


Enjoy more than 5000+ Anime Shows and Movies. Anime are updated on a daily basis


You will Never miss an Episode thanks to our always up-to-date TV Schedule.


Are you a fan of WWE? You will love FreeFlix HQ


FreeFlix HQ fully integrates Trakt.Tv and helps you Automatically track what you're watching


Watch trailers, access IMDB Movie Page and do even more with FreeFlix HQ


Easy to use and easy to navigate through


Enjoy your content on our fully featured and powerful Video Player with support for Subtitles in more than 70 Languages


You can customize the player to your taste


Load your own m3u Channels Playlist and we will automatically parse the Channels for you. You can also stick with the built-in Channels



FREEFLIX is fully optimized for Android TV and FireTV


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